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Our Wall Beds Gallery

MURPHY BED- WALLBED? What is the difference?
A Murphy Bed- has a bed frame mechanism that mounts to your floor and has bi-fold doors that open to the side.

A Wallbed- has a bed frame mechanism that is mounted to your cabinetry and wall and the doors come straight down with the mattress.

We OFFER WALLBEDS- We feel these are more functional because your doors are not in the way of your side cabinets and more comfortable for your guest.

Available sizes- TWIN, DOUBLE, QUEEN AND KING.

Our mattresses are a plush mattress with pillowtop and
do not need to be upgraded.

Available in a variety of colors and doors style, our wallbed installations are a great way to organize a spare bedroom or space in your home.


To meet all the home storage and organization needs of our clients by providing creative designs, quality products, professional installation and exceptional customer service for custom closets, wall beds and cabinet installations in The Villages, Wildwood and surrounding Central Florida.